I Finally Did it in my California King Bed…

Read an eBook, that is. There was a time I would have told you that would never happen. The thought of curling up in bed with an electronic device to read was about as appetizing as, well, you know.

The Former Contenders

In our house, Kindles have not had a long shelf life. The first one, an anniversary gift, was resold, the package never opened. The second one, also the second generation of the device, I gave as a gift to the aforementioned anniversary gift giver. He turned it on for a few days and used the ‘read to me feature’. Eventually it too went the way of the first and was sold on to someone else.

Technophobe reactions from early thirtysomethings probably surprises you. After all my husband had given me the Kindle to save his own back on the international flights for which I would cram as many as six books into a carry-on. But the probelm wasn’t the technology. The problem was my experience as a reader.

My protest “but I like to hold a book in my hands” is what you’d expect from someone with a PhD in literature.

The Flirtations

Then I started publishing eBooks. Yes, digital only. There was no way for a reader to have the physical experience with one of my six titles. The irony did not strike me — at least not too hard. This past May however, on Mother’s Day, another shiny, expensive device showed up. The iPad.

“Oh, these don’t have a good history in this house,” I said to my ever patient husband.

“We’ll see,” he said. The gift, as any good ones, was really to keep our toddler entertained (and quiet) on an upcoming 15 hour flight. A little boy’s silence can only be a gift that keeps on giving to any and everyone on an airplane or in a hotel near  him — including his parents. An interesting phenomena happened. I started using the iPad. First for browsing, then for email. My fat fingers found the keys easier to manage. And then, I discovered the App store. All of these events coincided with the longest stretch of free time I’ve had in memory. For about eight weeks this summer I am responsibility free. I wanted to get caught up on that elusive to-do list….Enter eBooks stage right; straight onto the Kindle App for the iPad.

The First Time

At first the Kindle and I were like new lovers. I wasn’t sure how to keep the text from flipping sides when I turned over. And where was I supposed to tap to see the progress bar? Didn’t it know I didn’t want the dictionary? I liked sliding through pages. I read an entire book the first night suffering through jet lag.We grew used to each other over time. I’m still buying print books. But for indie authors, to review or blurb, there’s nothing like an e-reader.

You too can sign up to win a Kindle Fire during the  Love Comes Later blog tour which kicks off today for a month. For the first three days of the tour, the book is FREE on Amazon. That’s right. And if you don’t want to read in bed with a device, you can download the app for FREE your desk or laptop.

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55 Responses to I Finally Did it in my California King Bed…

  • Wow, how generous of you! I’ve tried the Nooks on display at Target, and I found them not-so-intuitive to use, but I haven’t had the chance to compare it to the Kindle Fire. I, too, primarily self-publish in eBook format, while primarily reading paper books. I’m in IT by trade and I still prefer hard copies.

    As for your prompt: I believe 100% that people don’t “fall” in love; they grow to love each other. Even if they believe they’ve fallen in love at first sight, that’s only the rush of attraction. What really counts is the trust and dynamics that evolve when you spend a lot of time together. As my Victorian-era hero says in my current WiP, “One cannot truly love–or hate–until he knows a person intimately.”

    So who knows? Maybe if I spend more time with these newfangled tablet thingies, I’ll come to prefer them :grin:

  • :razz: I love my Kindle Fire. My husband wants one now…lol

  • I have been reading ebooks ever since I got my very own desktop six years ago. I was in Year 9 and my parents didn’t buy me books because they wanted me to either use the school library, or save up and buy books. It also meant that I would have to prioritise how I spent my pocket money. Gutenberg became a life saver in the long summer months when we did not go on a vacation. I recently bought a cheap tablet just to read ebooks in bed, and I think one of the perks of buying ebooks is that I don’t have to give them away when I leave the country.

    As for your prompt, I don’t think people can fall in love. That’s a crush. People can grow to love one another when they grow familiar and discover reasons to love and expect love in return.

  • Justin Bog says:

    So very great. I love your thought process. I still use my old version 2 kindle. It’s a bit worn by now, but last year I read more “old dinosaur”-style books than eBooks. Now, I’m back to reading on my kindle. Two to one. It depends on where I am, and if I’m traveling. Kindle beats all for going places. I also used to stuff luggage with many books, and loved that memory of yours. Take care, Justin

  • Justin Bog says:

    To answer your question about love, I think people do both. They can fall in love together at the same time, and in other cases, if only one person is initially in love, has that spark of attraction, the other person can grow to truly love a future companion. Perfect.

  • Margo Dill says:

    I think people fall in love but then the love becomes deeper as they are together and living life. :)

  • I really relate to this blog. I had a kindle lying round, tried it here and there and wasn’t sure … but aren’t slow-building love affairs always the best? We are now inextricably bound for life – with no ceremony necessary!

  • lisa lo says:

    Both — When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.

  • darlene bohannon says:

    i think we initially fall in love ,but the love grows stonger the longer you are together.

  • Pam D says:

    I think that it is both.

  • Kim Cowgar says:

    I think that it’s those easy first exchanges that cause us to fall in love and then we grow to love one another more deeply as we learn more of each other and have more life experiences together

  • Jenni L. says:

    I think there has to be an initial attraction of some kind, but then over time, love grows. When it does, it is ultimately more satisfying than that initial fire that tends to burn itself out. I love my old B&W Kindle, but would love a Kindle Fire. :)

  • rebeka deleon says:

    i think it can be both. i think some people have that instant attraction and fall in love and other times, start as friends and slowly start to grow to love one another.

  • Think that both happen. However I believe that lasting relationships grow.

  • Aaiza I. says:

    I dont believe in love at first sight..love always grows between people by mutual understanding and care

  • Terri says:

    I think that both can happen.

  • Jernedell Mabiling says:

    i believe that we all grow to love one another more than fall in love suddenly. Love should be nurtured…

  • Carrie says:

    I think they grow to love one another mostly.

  • Elizabeth says:

    To answer your question, I think both.

  • Jessica Snow says:

    I think it’s a little bit of both. I think that people do grow to love one another more and more if they’re compatible with each other.
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!! =)

  • Michael Crowley says:

    I think that in a sense we FALL in love, in that we of course click with an individual that we like instantly, lust for them usually but then in time actually grow to love the person.

  • Bella says:

    Fall in love,and keep loving

  • Melissa O says:

    I used to believe in love at first sight :shock: but now I think people grow to love each other :wink: and hopefully stay in love :lol:

  • Clare says:

    Everyone is different. Any two people together create a unique dynamic. But it seems that the best situation is if there is some “falling” involved. Gotta have some chemistry! If there’s hot stuff in the beginning, ideally, it should be able to be rekindled (see how I worked in Kindle?…) over the years, to something akin to “soul mate.” But that may be dreaming … If we truly love – and are loved in return – only once in a lifetime, for whatever time it has, it is a gift.

  • Jeff Legg says:

    I believe in both. People can fall in love, even at first site, but the ones that last are those that also grow in love! Its so easy to grow apart as the years pass by. Growing in love takes lots of work and compromise and sharing so that you pass through lifes challenges together and grow together.

  • Harvee Lau says:

    A Kindle Fire would be great for reading comfortably in bed! Thanks for the giveaway. :cool:


  • Harvee Lau says:

    People can fall in love and grow more in love as time passes.
    Or they could be friends and grow in love.

    Or they could also grow out of love!


  • jules p says:

    i think you fall into love and out of that comes a deeper growth of love.

  • I think people fall in love both ways. Wonderful giveaway. Thanks for guest blogging at Thoughts. Wishing you much success with your tour and your books.

    Thoughts in Progress

  • Cindy W says:

    I think you can “fall in love”.. but I think it’s a different kind of love. It was sort of love at first site with me, and I like the passion that is involved with that. It’s exciting and exhilarating. I think when it builds over time it’s less intense and passionate, but probably a longer burn. Kind of like a flash fire vs a slow steady burn of an ember.

  • Cindy W says:

    I think you can “fall in love”.. but I think it’s a different kind of love. It was sort of love at first site with me, and I like the passion that is involved with that. It’s exciting and exhilarating. I think when it builds over time it’s less intense and passionate, but probably a longer burn. Kind of like a flash fire vs a slow steady burn of an ember.

  • Kim says:

    I think you need both. The initial falling in love is the attraction and then for it to last it needs be nurtured and grow into a deeper lasting love.

  • Ralph Alonzo Tobias says:

    In my opinion, people grow because they are intended to fall in love to someone and to love one another. I mean, both are interrelated. When we speak about love, it is a very broad topic. =))

  • Kai Sanchez says:

    I think people can do both depends on who you do it with :) Either way, love is both a blessing and curse so be careful :)

  • This is Really One of The Easiest Giveaways , it was Fun Doing it.

    Big Thanks, Good Luck To Everyone.

  • Tony Nguyen says:

    I think that people can do both depending on how everything happens and takes place.

  • Christy Weller says:

    To answer the question about love. I think it depends on the person and the situation. One partner may fall for the other, but the other may have to grow to love that person. Some partners may really deeply care about each other, but have trust issues from the past. So, I believe in both scenarios. Some people fall in love and some have to grow to love a person.


  • Shannon Goldschmidt says:

    I think that both things are always possible.

  • Angela says:

    Some say love is a decision … or love is a choice … perhaps. Sometimes, though, it seems we can’t help whom we love … even when loving that person causes pain, difficulty, and heartache.

  • fungyei says:

    It is difficult to conclude as cases are different, I believe people somehow are being attracted at first sight, and then grow to love deeper and deeper.

  • I think both in different situation/case.

  • Sandra says:

    I was defensive about ebooks and eReaders too, because I enjoy the feel of a book. But that’s great when you’re at home, but when you’re on the go they get heavy. Especially for us women, who already carry enough stuff as it is. So when my brother got one for school I finally warmed up to them. Even though I hate to admit it, they are more practical for traveling, as I saw myself in your same situation (carrying a ton on carry on). So I’d love to win this! Hope I’m lucky!

  • Mohana says:

    Sandra you said it so well — as women we carry everything! It’s not unusual for me to have my things, my husband, AND my son’s in my bag :).

  • colleen boudreau says:

    Grow to love.

  • Seyma Shabbir says:

    They fall in romantic love but if the love grows it is a family love.

  • Mona says:

    I think both things happen, though I’d love to think they just fall in love. It’s more romantic this way :wink:

  • Lorna England says:

    I think the BEST love is the one you grow into!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Abdirahman Watharanjau says:

    I think people fall in love.They say love is blind,that’s why they fall in it!

  • Kayla says:

    Oh my. I’ve been wanting a Kindle for so long now, and I am off to college within the next week. This would be so perfect to bring along with me. :) Thank you for the giveaway!

    As for the question “Do you think people fall in love or grow to love one another,” I think people grow to love one another. I think it happens both ways, things take time to form something beautiful, but love is so called “blind,” so it takes sometime to fall!

  • Abby says:

    Both. Different people, different things happen to them. That’s why some arranged marriages work.

  • 100%, without a doubt, fall in love. I am a firm believer in one of my favorite quotes:

    “You can choose love; it chooses you.”

    My life is also a prime example of this. LOL

  • Debbie Clauer says:

    I think it can happen both ways. It has to me.

  • Aww I can totally relate! I am avid reader myself and recently got a kindle. Great gadget and been reading like crazy! =p

  • Olga (Aglolga) says:

    I think people grow to love one another. It’s impossible to fall in love with someone by seeing them for the first time. You can be attracted to someone, but not love them. People need to know each other better:).

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